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We develop and support web-shops for everyone who searches
individual, proficient and stable decisions.

Resolve Your Tasks

We help to stand out of the competitors

We create speedy and stable online shops

We cut the time used for updating product range

We resolve all supporting issues on-the-fly

Buyer Interface

We know how to make a web-shop attractive and handy to your buyers

e-commerce development

Adaptive design allows effective using of different devices,
i.e. at the large screen user will see more information without additional scrolling.

e-commerce platform

Catalogue interface makes selection process more faster and handier.

ecommerce CMS

Our task is to design a product card with a lot of various information at one page.

ecommerce development

You may use the system of progressive discount,
personal discount or presenting certificates to increase the client loyalty.

web shop

Buyer is able to select whether to fill in Quick Buy form or more detailed form of full order.
In any case we’ll create him a personal account and send and an e-mail notification.

ecommerce software

Comfortable personal account contains information about progressive discounts, ordering history and the wish list

ecommerce website

All e-mails sent from the site correspond to your e-Commerce design.
These e-mails cannot be lost in the e-mail box and will stick in memory for a long time.

simple online shop

We design and implement non-standard interfaces for specific product ranges
in order to make the web-site usage as comfortable as possible.

Basic Functions of our CMS


  • Multi-level product catalogue
  • Unlimited number of categories, subcategories and products
  • Different characteristic sets for different product groups
  • Sorting by A/Z, price, ratings
  • Selecting of best sellers, new arrivals and sales
  • Related products
  • Virtual sections (links to other sections)
  • Dynamic filtration according to specified parameters
  • Changing of product displaying format (list or table) and number of products at one page
  • Product comparison

Product Card

  • Description of product consists of two groups: general parameters – the same for the whole site; characteristics – different for all product groups
  • Modifications of the products – different parameters of modifications of one product: article, name, photo, old/new price, availability, gallery
  • Loading of unlimited number of additional photos
  • Automated creation of preview and watermark
  • Product price can be written in different currencies, but displayed at a website in UAH
  • Possibility to set old and new product price
  • Feedback about goods
  • Spam protection

Discounts and Special Offers

  • Possibility to set new and old product price
  • Automated discount when ordering from the web-site
  • Discount progressive system with gradation of discount rate depending on the paid goods total
  • Client cards with personal discounts
  • Discount tickets limited by time or number of usages
  • Discount on all goods of definite section
  • Present goods


  • Search results displaying is separated by the product catalogue categories
  • Dynamic displaying of preliminary search results along after entering first symbols

Personal Account

  • Registration and authorization of users only through the web-site registration procedure
  • User Personal Account with possibility to review personal orders, their status, edit personal data
  • E-mail notification about registration and orders
  • Password reminding function

Cart and Ordering

  • Quick registration with the help of social network accounts
  • Quick Buy with indication of minimal contact information
  • Accessories to the ordered goods are being displayed in the cart
  • Ordering is divided into separate steps
  • Contact information
  • Selecting of delivery method with price indication
  • Selecting of payment method
  • Total information about ordering


  • Import of product database from xls-files
  • Export of product catalogue to the xml-format of famous pricing platforms
  • Integration with famous systems: okazje.info.pl, ceneo.pl, nokaut.pl
  • Possibility to select product groups for downloading in xml

Additional Information

  • Delivery and payment
  • Guarantee
  • Contacts
  • News and specialties
  • Reviews


  • Standard readable urls. Possibility to indicate alias for every level of catalogue and products
  • It is possible to set unique meta-data, title, keywords, description for every product, category and page
  • Possibility to place seo-texts on the catalogue and product pages

Administration Panel

  • Possibility to change prices and availability in the mode of the product list review
  • Separation of access rights to different sections
  • Administration of the general website structure and standard types of documents (text pages, news, articles)
  • Possibility to add administrators and edit their rights
  • Adding, editing and deleting of categories, products, manufactures, buyers etc (administration of the whole client part functionality)
  • Product configuration (selection of characteristics for every group with further setting characteristics when adding products)
  • Work with orders (review, editing, status changing), e-mail notification about ordering


We have developed our first online shop in 2002.
Our portfolio contains tens of unique web-shops.
We have not only developed them but constantly update.

  • We cooperate with Stolnitsky Ideas from the moment of our company foundation. The work of fitness equipment shop is very specific. It requires catching of all market developments and adapting the product range as quickly as possible. The high-efficient technical support from the part of Stolnitsky Ideas makes our cooperation very profitable and useful. We have recommended this company many times and surely recommend it to you!

    Tatyana Babenko

    the Director

  • There were two things important to me as a customer and owner of the shop: CMS and technical support after launching the project. Thus, Stolnitsky Ideas develop websites on a system that is able to give a head start to majority famous CMS as to speed, reliability, and hacker protection. But still they are not content! They provide technical support at a speed I could not but believe it. I really do not follow them to make tasks. I have not found any competitor as to the deadlines.

    Aleksey Tumanov

    the eCommerce owner

  • We have been cooperating with Stolnitsky Ideas for about three years. As we represent the growing company, we require constant and complete technical support of the website, especially when launching special offers. All changes are being implemented on-the-fly, in the due time. We are completely satisfied by the Stolnitsky Ideas team working quality.

    Sergey Gul

    the Technical Director

  • The work of Stolnitskiy Ideas is an art! Firstly, it is design that is being developed individually and quickly. Secondly, it is an intuitive and so functional administration part. Thirdly, their CMS works very quickly and has big traffic capacity. Moreover, I receive real technical support, functional changes or updating code at the website…everything is being made within a day! Thank you very much!

    Dmitry Lugovoy



All our decisions are individual.

Contact us and we’ll estimate your eCommerce and reply to all your additional questions.

Questions and Answers

  • Why the price is so high or how the developing price is being calculated?

    Every individual project consists of 5-person team, 5 working weeks, 200 working hours, 30 prototypes and 30 design layouts and the 50-page Terms of Reference. Let’s do not calculate the html and php code lines ;) Thus, selling the result at a price of $2000 we really dump.

  • Can it be cheaper?

    Yes, it can if you have a design. Please send us the design layout or the theme link and we’ll evaluate the design scope of work.

  • The price is so low. Is your work really individual and qualitative?

    The price of every project corresponds to its complexity. Projects with lots of various non-standard functions cost more in comparison with basic proposal. Don’t worry, we’ll give your project enough attention and time so that be able to implement your idea as qualitatively as possible.

  • Do you have enough experience and possibilities to realize big projects?

    Yes, we have enough experience in development and optimization of projects with huge amount of products and traffic. Flexible design of our CMS allows adapting to any peculiarities of product range. Moreover, we know how to ensure as fast as possible generation of pages with large amount of various content and how to optimize the paging-in. For instance, we have achieved the 97/100 rating with the 3 mb page and 170 additional files on pingdom.com.

  • What are your advantages in comparison with famous CMS like Magento, OpenCart, PrestaShop, Bitrix?

    The main our peculiarity is that we do not propose a product (i.e. CMS), but do propose a complete decision. We are the team of experienced designers and developers with our own CMS. That means that we have greater possibilities in customization of existing functions and realization of new ones in comparison with the CMS-limited developers. In other words, we are able to develop a website you really need, but not the one that is only possible on the ready-to-use CMS. Besides, we can optimize, if necessary, and rewrite every code line or any request to the database in order to achieve the best web-site productivity. The most important thing is that we won’t say “Sorry but that is the CMS problem and we don’t know how to resolve it”. We bear responsibility for the productivity of every web-site created by us.

  • I want to update the existing eCommerce, can you transfer the product base from the old website?

    Yes, we can. We have an experience in the product catalogue migration from lots of ancient and actual CMS. Moreover, we can set up redirection from the old page addresses to the new ones up to the every product item so that to save your search engine traffic.

  • How much will cost the e-Commerce developing according to our Terms of Reference?

    Please send us your Terms of Reference and the design layout and we’ll prepare the project estimate.

  • What is the heaviest traffic for you CMS?

    The heaviest traffic we ever met was 40 000 visitors per 24 hours under working on virtual server at the cost of $50 per month. The maximum number of products in one project we ever met was 10 000 items. This number of products did not affect the web-site operating speed. If your project shall have rather more number of goods and require complicated dynamic navigation, we are always able to optimize the catalogue logic working process so that to achieve as high speed as possible for your project.

  • What working speed do you assure for the web-shop?

    When developing a web-site we carefully watch the page generation time so that this time varies about 0,05 sec for simple pages and 0,2 sec for the complicated. If the page generation time is higher, we optimize the output: simplify queries, set up cashing processes more carefully etc. Moreover, we do everything possible to optimize the page loading speed: write clear code from the very beginning on html5 and css3, join all external files, set up parallel loading of pictures etc.

  • Does your CMS have the following function…?

    More likely it has. If not, we’ll write it specially for you.

  • What guarantee do you provide?

    We guarantee technical operability of the website for the whole working life. That means that we’ll correct all our mistakes, if any, free of charge. No time limits.

  • How much does the technical support cost?

    The basic support is free of charge. It contains the web-site control, resolving technical problems and consulting about working with a website. Additional expenses can arise only for developing of any new function.

  • How much does the new function development cost?

    The cost of new function development shall be calculated at the rate of $20/hour. If essential for you function may be useful for our new clients and we’ll be able to include it in the basic version of our CMS, the development cost will be much less.

  • What about Search Engine Optimization?

    We do not provide the Search Engine Optimization services, however we understand perfectly well all SEO-requirements to the CMS. Thus, the basic version of our CMS contains all essential functions: web-page semantic html-code, automated and hand generation of meta-tags, generation of sitemap.xml, microdata, placing of additional SEO-texts etc.

  • What do you need to start the project?

    Please contact us whatever method you like to discuss all essential details. Thereafter, we’ll provide you the project estimate.

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